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Abigail Boehm is a self-taught mixed-media artist.  Sometimes in her work what is not seen is as powerful as what is visible: working with love. Abigail will often embed hidden prayers and messages beneath layers of beeswax, acrylic, oil paint, or gouache.

Embarking on a career as a nurse and midwife at the age of 19, Abigail has been inspired by her physical and visceral connection with women which is evident in her current show “Return of the Goddess.” Her art has also been influenced by mothering, nature, her yoga practice and her love of form and movement.

Revering hands as protectors and deliverers of life, Abigail has made them a prominent theme in her current project. She is working on a series of paintings featuring ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Jewish hand gestures. These mudra images which she considers to be jujus or amulets infused with power and spiritual meaning feature hand positions that harness energies such as protection, strength, wisdom, forgiveness, mental clarity, and vitality. Each piece is layered with prayers, mantras, or poetry to deepen its power.

Abigail resides in the artist community of Lambertville, New Jersey where she has lived for 30 years with her family. She spent her childhood in the United States, Ireland, and Spain. Her Victorian home and garden are as eclectic and rich as her art, filled with brilliant colors, rich spices and vibrant textures.






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