Sunday Celebration

 “Music and Sharings Along the Spiritual Way


Celebration Starts at 10:30 AM

Sunday April 20, 2014


Apr 20 Easter. 3 Crosses: Humanity, The Earth and Spirit--from darkness to Easter-rise. Janet Frey and Bill Talvitie will read their reflections about who is on the cross today. Music, readings and Rocky dances! Rev. Larry Hall to lead.

Rev. Larry Hall

Celebration Coordinator

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Apr 27 Male Spirituality.  Men who would like to participate, please let me, Dave Perkins or Rosalind Cauffman know.  My email is






Child Care is provided

You're welcome to participate in celebrations and / or the process of creating them. we are always looking for volunteers to lead celebrations, as well. Give us your ideas or tell us what you would like to do, reply to


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Pebble's music comes from almost every source, from sacred chants to folk, rock, jazz and pop. Lyrics tend to focus on personal and community growth, on peace and on reaching out to others, rather than the standard songs of worship in most church hymnals. We celebrate life with our music! Our pianists are often joined by other musicians; if you play an instrument or sing, please join us. Singers are invited to stand up with us and lend their voices to our informal choir. All you need to do is come early on Sunday morning to see what songs we’re doing. Join us up front to share your talent. You are part of a dynamic, touching, and vital dimension of our Sunday celebration. If you're musically inclined, we'd like to hear from you. Also, if there’s a special song that you’ve found inspiring, and you would like to sing or have us try it, please get in touch with us.




April 20



April 27

Male Spirituality




Spiritual Offerings




Craniosacral Immersion
Practice Day -
Sat Apr 19th
(10:30 am)


Fabulous Females of Broadway
Saturday, April 26th @ 7:00 PM

Euphoric Dance
Sat May 3rd @ 7:45 PM

Craniosacral Immersion
"Subtle Energy"
Full Day Program
Sat May 17th
(10:30 am - 4:30 pm)

David Young Concert

Saturday May 17, 2014

At 7:00 PM

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