Sunday Celebration

 “Music and Sharings Along the Spiritual Way


Celebration Starts at 10:30 AM

Sunday August 3, 2014




August 3 -Life is "A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY" not just a physical experience. REMEMBER

ORANGE: SACRAL CHAKRA - Life force energy, The Juggler - Staying "+" Conscious.

ART SHOW OPENING: Kids and Kids at Heart Art! Jeanne Elodie to speak on Art as a Spiritual Expression

Rev. Larry Hall

Celebration Coordinator

Upcoming Celebration Programs




August 10 - Peace Site Sunday (Harold and Alma Able Peace Award)  Life is our "DEEP PASSION FOR A WORLD AT PEACE!"   Yoga centering.  Every home as a Peace Site!  Who wins drawing for  the Pebble Peace Dove?!  Living it, every day in every way.  A Way of BEEing!  YELLOW: SOLAR PLEXUS - the Courage to Be! Passion. Contortionist, balance actors.   Doing the impossible!  Genius!  Compassion - gut feelings.  Barbara Simmons, Bullying, Bill Mettler a story, Powerless to powerful, uplifting, ecology, sustainability, BEEING!  Laura Lee Mater - Peace Corps, John Beecher singing, EXTERNAL Action! Create "Peace", the new paradigm: Non-violence, healing. 


August 17 - Life is "SERIOUS BUSINESS - CRADLE TO GRAVE."  Not to be sneezed at!   What is your purpose here?  Who are we?  Selective participation?  Microcosm of Reality!  The Sunday that sends some of us off to camp Monday.  GREEN:  THE HEART CHAKRA.  Unconditional Love and Compassion. The roles we play being who we are. Living from the heart center.  Tightrope Walker!!!  Concentration!   Humor, INTERNAL action or work, Layer cultural traditions, the 4 directions and 4 attributes, conscious, emotion.   A Slack line "Tightrope" Walker.  No NET!  Serious BUZZness.  BEES again!  The Honeybee Conservancy organization.     


August 24  Life is "COMMUNITY - the Circle of Power"  Some at Camp (returning later today) and Others in Doylestown.  Protecting the Connecting. "LIFE IS GOOD!  Life is GOD."  Together, a place to work it through... Like HOME!   SKY BLUE:  The THROAT CHAKRA.  Creativity, and Expression.  COMMUNITY is the source of FREE EXPRESSION!  Suspend judgment, encourage exploration. SING on Stilts!  Stilt walker. Trapeze view!  The Big Picture.  What is Community?  EVERYTHING?  "Freq"show!   Circus is US!  Here and THERE.  Long distance healing next week, messages, Home camp dinner time connection, What is community? Bread and Puppet Theatre, "FREQ"show, Two headed snake, the bearded lady, the Amazonian woman, the weight lifter muscle man, the 6 fingered man, and the boy with a tail


NOTE!!!AUG. 29 FRIDAY NIGHT from 7 to 11!  PEBBLE PARTY   Happens to be Jennifer and Gary's 50th Wedding Anniversary day.  This Will Be FUN!  A Live HOUSE BAND playing for Dancing and Cavorting!  Bring food, in Costume or not… just have FUN!


August 31 - Life is FUN!!!  If it's not fun, we're not doing it right!!! "EVER-EXPANDING, EVER DEEPENING" - memories, transformations, futures. The Circle becomes a Sphere.   INDIGO BLUE: THIRD EYE.  Spiritual Community centering. The RING MASTER!   Best of Camp, home and away.  Welcoming, Joining forces, Great Bonding, Sharing stories, learning from each other, Power, Genius, Magic!: Geothe.  Response to Reiki Long Distance, Answers and Questions (Humor), the RING MASTER, People comment or speak on the Different Sunday topics! "We are all in this together!" A Kazoo "Mock" BAND!  A big CIRCUS HAS COME TO TOWN Parade??? 


SATURDAY!!!  September 6th.. (Tentative) possible KID and FAMILY CIRCUS performance night?  8pm.. open to public!  Lots of Class Acts - The Best of Camp! , with a popcorn intermission… (Short video presentation of the background of the production)


Sept 7th  Life is "MAGIC"   This could be a finale! "FAMILY CIRCUS" re-capping or sharing some more of the "class acts" from Camp expressing limitless possibilities and the Pyramid Building!!! Complete!  The Magician!  VIOLET: THE CROWN CHAKRA!   The BEST OF EVERYTHING. The Divine Connection, the Great Mystery!  Gratitude, Joy, Wonder.  Connecting to Source.    Illusion and reality.  Dreams and visions.  Thinking in the future.  Making it happen, Manifestation, Power of compassion and wisdom.  Making the difference.  Power of prayer.  Emotional Alchemy.  











Child Care is provided

You're welcome to participate in celebrations and / or the process of creating them. we are always looking for volunteers to lead celebrations, as well. Give us your ideas or tell us what you would like to do, reply to


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Pebble's music comes from almost every source, from sacred chants to folk, rock, jazz and pop. Lyrics tend to focus on personal and community growth, on peace and on reaching out to others, rather than the standard songs of worship in most church hymnals. We celebrate life with our music! Our pianists are often joined by other musicians; if you play an instrument or sing, please join us. Singers are invited to stand up with us and lend their voices to our informal choir. All you need to do is come early on Sunday morning to see what songs we’re doing. Join us up front to share your talent. You are part of a dynamic, touching, and vital dimension of our Sunday celebration. If you're musically inclined, we'd like to hear from you. Also, if there’s a special song that you’ve found inspiring, and you would like to sing or have us try it, please get in touch with us.





August 3

Life is "A Spiritual Journey"


August 10

Peace Site Sunday


August 17

Life is

"Serious Business-Cradle to Grave"


August 24

Life is

"Community - The Circle of Power"


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