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 “Music and Sharings Along the Spiritual Way


Celebration Starts at 10:30 AM

Sunday February 1, 2015




Feb. 1 The Celebration on February 1st will be a collaboration that honors the Jewish Holiday of Tu B' Shevat and the Celtic Holiday of Imbolc. Gary Schoenberg will lead this Celebration that will include rituals commemorating Tu B' Shevat, the "Birthday of the Trees", and Imbol sanctifying the Goddess symbolizing the sacred "Tree of Life". The rituals will include meditation and chanting while ingesting the various delectable sampling of the fruits of the trees that correspond with the 5 elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether. Cindy Greb will share about the Goddess and Caryn Cziriak will lead us in chanting and sacred drumming. All are welcome to join us and partake in this celebration that will be a "feast for all of the senses" that will include music, chanting, dancing, singing, drumming, and a sampling of delicious fruits for the palate!

Rev. Larry Hall

Celebration Coordinator

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Feb. 8 Nicaragua Sunday!  Carolyn Penta’s annual pilgrimage to our extended family in this Central American farm community will carry on a ebble tradition that began during the Contra war of the 1980s.  Bring soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes.  More info to come.  Rosalind Cauffman to lead.

Feb. 15 Pachamama Alliance & the Carbon Free/Tax Rebate movement.  Pachamama, which advocates for indigenous rights and the rights of nature around the world, will present a video about our earth connection.  Bill Mettler will lead this celebration.

Feb. 22 Time for New Members Sunday & Celebration of You!  Looking for people to speak briefly on their passion, read their poetry or sing just so we can all get better acquainted with you.  We would love to have you join Pebble—just reply to this email if you’re interested!

 March 1  Akashic Records and Past Lives.   Arthur Gutkin, a medical intuitive located and hypnotherapist, has the unique ability to see, feel or personally experience a client's significant life events from the moment of conception through the formative years during periods of meditation. He also has the ability to see patterns that lead to enlightenment of adult physical and emotional issues. Art travels his client's Akashic Record from the moment of their conception through their formative years, experiencing their pains and emotions, even in the womb, often finding the cause of their adult physical and emotional issues.  Using the knowledge of life events and patterns that he sees, Art helps his clients overcome issues through hypnotherapy. He also offers Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapy. This therapy allows clients to meet guides and judges so they may learn from previous life lessons and then apply that knowledge to their present life. MEDINTUITIVE is the name of Art’s healing and hypnosis practice in in North Wales, PA.  After retiring from the practice of law, Art had a profound dream that changed his life and led to his current practice as a medical intuitive.  

March 15- Lisa  & Chris Gage will speak on  "Inner Guidance: Tips for Tuning In to your Higher Self.” She will bring jazz guitarist Tony Forliano to perform. The Gages have taught spiritual/self improvement courses at Bucks County Community College for about 10 years, in their Continuing Ed/Personal development department, including "Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel" and " The Art of Spiritual Dreaming.” Rev. Dave Perkins will lead.






If you're interested or have questions, reply to celebration team members Larry Hall ( or  Rosalind Cauffman ( or Dave Perkins ( 



Child Care is provided

You're welcome to participate in celebrations and / or the process of creating them. we are always looking for volunteers to lead celebrations, as well. Give us your ideas or tell us what you would like to do, reply to


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Pebble's music comes from almost every source, from sacred chants to folk, rock, jazz and pop. Lyrics tend to focus on personal and community growth, on peace and on reaching out to others, rather than the standard songs of worship in most church hymnals. We celebrate life with our music! Our pianists are often joined by other musicians; if you play an instrument or sing, please join us. Singers are invited to stand up with us and lend their voices to our informal choir. All you need to do is come early on Sunday morning to see what songs we’re doing. Join us up front to share your talent. You are part of a dynamic, touching, and vital dimension of our Sunday celebration. If you're musically inclined, we'd like to hear from you. Also, if there’s a special song that you’ve found inspiring, and you would like to sing or have us try it, please get in touch with us.





Feb. 1

The Jewish Holiday

Tu B'shevat & Celtic Holdiday of Imbolc


Feb. 8

Nicaragua Sunday


Feb. 15

Pachamama Alliance & Carbon Free/Tax Rebate Movement


Feb 22

New Members Sunday

March 1

Akashic Records and Past Lives


March 15

Inner Guidance




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