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“Music and Sharings Along the Spiritual Way

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Sunday April 24, 2016






April 24 Earth Day Stay tuned!



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May 1: Prayer As a Way of Life or, When all else fails, Pray!  Norm Danis, our facilitator for this celebration, says, We all recognize the importance of prayer as spiritual nourishment necessary to maintain an intimate communion with the unlimited, eternal Creative Source -- God ( or, higher power, divine self, great spirit, etc,).  In our celebration, we will explore different facets or uses of Prayer.  Affirmative prayer can be utilized in affirming that we are divine beings, and as a creative tool to manifest our highest and best desires.   Also, prayer is a way to acknowledge the blessings in our lives and show gratitude. Unity teaches the importance of staying "Prayed Up" and making it part of our daily life.  Do you know the 7 Necessary conditions for True Prayer?    Do you breathe life into your prayers?  Come and find out!    There will be plenty of time for Reflections and Sharings (prayer being personal and individual)--we'll want to  learn from one another.  Norm is seeking a few prayerful community members to share a little more in depth on how prayer became significant in your life.    Please call him to get more details and see how you would fit in.    Let us Pray!


May 8: Love Your Mother! Rev. Jeanne Elodie leads this Mothers Day celebration.  She invites everyone to bring memorabilia of their mothers and of beloved natural places on Mother Earth.


May 15: New Tools for Dealing with Trauma.  Healer, trainer and author Michael Reddy, PhD CPC will  talk about the latest understandings of personal and ancestral trauma, the fact that they are both forms of incoherence responsible as root cause for most chronic suffering, and some of the newer tools (family constellations, energy psychology [EFT, etc]) that are low tech, accessible, and even do-it-yourself, to some extent.  


Michael's most recent book is Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations: How Ancestors, Family Systems, and Hidden Loyalties Shape Your Life—and What YOU Can do About it.  with a disturbed family background, and significant wellness issues of his own, he undertook seven years training in shamanic healing techniques from Native American and mixed blood elders. He has been teaching these ways and healing others for two decades.  More recently, he became a certified professional coach and learned to facilitate systemic constellations, which he feels saved his life. He has worked with 14 different constellation trainers, and was certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

In 2008 he started WholeSelf and WholeFamily Wellness Coaching.  He says, "Where physical and emotional suffering have gotten stuck in client's lives, I see severe fragmentation of lives and families, coupled with excessive focus on individual as opposed to family and ancestral issues at the root of it.  Left-over loyalties to unresolved issues in the birth family's past are often the missing link.  With a combination of genuine empathy (having been there myself) and cutting edge knowledge and coaching tools—I am extremely good at leading clients back towards wholeness and getting that suffering "unstuck."





Rev. Larry Hall

Celebration Coordinator

If you're interested or have questions, reply to celebration team members Larry Hall ( or Rosalind Cauffman ( or Dave Perkins (

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You're welcome to participate in celebrations and / or the process of creating them. we are always looking for volunteers to lead celebrations, as well. Give us your ideas or tell us what you would like to do, reply to

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Pebble's music comes from almost every source, from sacred chants to folk, rock, jazz and pop. Lyrics tend to focus on personal and community growth, on peace and on reaching out to others, rather than the standard songs of worship in most church hymnals. We celebrate life with our music! Our pianists are often joined by other musicians; if you play an instrument or sing, please join us. Singers are invited to stand up with us and lend their voices to our informal choir. All you need to do is come early on Sunday morning to see what songs we’re doing. Join us up front to share your talent. You are part of a dynamic, touching, and vital dimension of our Sunday celebration. If you're musically inclined, we'd like to hear from you. Also, if there’s a special song that you’ve found inspiring, and you would like to sing or have us try it, please get in touch with us.


April 24

Earth Day


May 1

Prayer As a Way of Life


May 8

Love Your Mother


May 15

New Tools for Dealing with Trauma


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