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The Nicaraguan Adventure

And the adventure continues – this is the 14th year with the Garcia family. Jorden was 2 years old when I first found him in his Mother’s kitchen eating his breakfast as he sat on a cross bar that supported the outside wall of the kitchen. Now he is a high school graduate taking courses at the University. What a difference your help has made.

Carolyn Penta and Michael Sturgeon are leaving on

 March 11th and returning March 25th

And with your help they will be taking with them

·        Scholarship Fund monies - $700.00

·        Community School – school supplies

·        Farm Families for grain & fertilizer - $500

·        Rent for the school children in town - $360

·        Jarder, administrator of farm families - $200

·        Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

·        Clothes for women, men, children – smaller size summer clothes

Attached for your review is a thumb nail sketch of your commitment since 2000, you have been there every year and you have made the most astonishing difference in this particular family and in the whole community of El Sabalo.

 The Community

20 very appreciative families

One Church

One Community School – 1st to 6th grade

 Carmen – one of the members of the farm families wanted to name their help from us “ A Light in the Forest”. When we gave each family one of the “blessed” stones from our Celebration, they changed it to Hermandad – Brotherhood, Sisterhood. They saw and honored the connection between Pebble Hill and El Sabalo.



Past Adventures


1998 – Visit to Sandino Carolyn and a delegation formed by Marlene first introduction to the Garcia family.

1998. November – David Dipaquale and Carolyn -  Rio Blanco to be with the family after their  terrible massacre of Dona’s brother and Mayra’s brother-in-law by “Charlie’s Gang” – 12 young men who had been influenced by the Contra War when they were in their early teens

1999 – Sandino & Paiwas – Carolyn, David Dipasquale and Mary Lou from Detroit – 1st trip to the farm up the very difficult, muddy horse trail.

2000 – The Farm, El Sabalo – Carolyn, David, Mayra and her son Henry. Started to install solar system

2002 – February – The Farm – Carolyn and David, started the clothes donations in a larger quantity.

2002 – November – Juan’s graduation – Carolyn

2004 – February – Carolyn, Mayra, Marissa (Mayra’s daughter) and David, guitar for the family, clothes for the family, school supplies for the Community School

2005 – February – Carolyn & David – Continued support of the 1 room school in the community, clothes for family

2006 – February – Carolyn, Marlene, Tom and Tom’s brother – start of Scholarship Program

2008 – January – Carolyn & Mayra – Scholarship Program, Community School, Adult Reading Program, clothes distribution

2009 – February – Carolyn, Marlene & Mayra – Scholarship Program $1,600 for 13 students for 2 year, Community School, paint outside of Church, clothes distribution

2010 – February – Carolyn, Michael Sturgeon & Bayardo (driver and translator) – Scholarship Program – 9 students - $640.00, Started helping farm families with crop growth - $400.00. Rent for home in Nueva Guinea for Jose our administrator and place for the scholarship students. $&360.00

2011 – March – Carolyn, Michael and Bayardo – Scholarship Fund $900.00, Farm Families $500.00; Jarden, farm administrator $200.00: Rent for house $360; Church $100 to pay diocese: Start of water project to provide portable water up to farm families $460; Family $1,000 (CLP money); Paint inside of church.

2012 – March – Carolyn, Michael and Bayardo – Finish painting inside of Church, Scholarship Fund $860, Farm Families $500, Jarder to administer farm families project $200, Rent $360, Pablo start sign language classes $75. Mule for Juan to get to work $350.

2013 – March – Carolyn, Michael, Barbara & Loreal and Bayardo – Upgrade the Solar System with the help of a local advisor. $330. Community School – purchased school supplies to compliment supplies provided Pebble. Scholarship Fund $700, Farm Families $500, Jarden, medical care $200, Rent $360, Pablo Sign language classes, correct water system problems $1,000.


The newest member of the family – Cristofer Pablo and his sisters.- note the T shirt. 


The meeting – Jose Luis, Jader, Jorden and Bayardo


  Michael sneaker and the mud       Family around the kitchen table            Jordan beading

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