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   Annual Pledge Letter 2014


Dear Pebble Hill Family and Friends,


Welcome to the 2014 pledge drive! Numerologically 2014 adds up to the number “7”.  A number calling us to go within as opposed to keep looking for things in the outside world to make us happy.  It is also known as the “year of introspection”.  In the midst of one of the coldest winters with record snow storms in the past 20 years we are reminded to be still and look within.  Mother nature is running the show! 


At this time of the year we are asked to reflect upon what truly is of value to us and our spiritual well being.  If Pebble Hill Church plays a vital role in your life in helping to nurture and support your spiritual well being, then we ask that you take a moment to reflect upon this.  What is it about Pebble Hill Church that you truly value?  Is it the diverse and creative Sunday Celebrations? The quiet Sunday morning Peace Meditations?  The newly formed Sunday morning Spiritual Insights gathering?  The Course in Miracles study group?  Peace Soup Sunday? The Pebble Art Gallery?  The Pebble Hill Garden? The Inquiry into Awakening group? The Night Sky Sangha? Community Drum Circles? The School of Sacred Ministries? New Hope Metaphysical Society Meetings? 12 Step Groups?  Pebble Hill Camp?  Our Annual Peace Award? Community outreach through the Nicaragua Relief Fund or the Africa Fund? Did we miss anything? 


Perhaps it is simply the sense of community and being part of a collective whole of kindred spirits who you may consider your family of choice? Perhaps it’s simply something that you can’t put your finger on, but you know that Pebble offers you a place to show up that feels like “home”. 


Whatever it is, can you put a price tag on it?  How much is Pebble worth to you?  Is it equal to the cost of your cable or cell phone service?  How do you put a price tag on something that brings you inner peace, spiritual well being, and a sense of community?


It is virtually impossible to put a price tag on this aspect of your life that is beyond measure. Yet, we ask each year that you fill in a pledge card and write down a number that symbolizes your willingness to dedicate yourself to Pebble.  Our new fiscal year begins March 1, 2014.  Pebble Hill Council and the Financial Task Force have put together a budget that includes all the many aspects of Pebble that we must quantify! 


A significant portion of the budget is the pledge contribution which amounts to approximately 50% of the total operating budget.  Last year we started out with a pledge goal of $22,000 in our budget.  However, the total actual amount pledged was $25,108.  The amount we anticipate receiving is $24,345.  This is very close to the pledge fulfillment goal!   This year we anticipate a pledge goal of $25,000 in our budget!


We believe that Pebble Hill is worth that amount!  Our membership continues to grow. The School of Sacred Ministries has 13 students which is more than double the number of students



from the previous class.  Our Pebble Announcement list has grown to 335 participants. That’s an increase of over 100 people within the past year.  Pebble Hill Camp celebrated its 40th camp this past year with a total of 94 campers including 19 children (under 21) with an average of 71 campers for the week. 


Our budget includes setting aside $3,000 for our building fund (which has been part of our budget for the past several years). We plan to use the building fund along with other reserve dollars set aside through targeted donations to achieve the following this upcoming year:   

·         Installation of air conditioning to bring comfort during the summer heat (we believe this will increase summer participation and building rentals). 

·         Re-storing the parking lot with new gravel

·         Adding insulation to the Red Barn

·         Repairing the deteriorating rear porch roof


As you can see, it takes a community and a core group of committed individuals to make Pebble happen! It requires all of us to “step up to the plate” and commit to make a pledge so that we all can rest assured that Pebble Hill will “keep on going strong in 2014”!


We count on your support, love, and dedication to the Pebble Hill Community!



Many Blessings!

Gary Schoenberg

Pebble Hill Council President



Pebble Hill Church meets the requirements of Internal Revenue Code  section 501(c)(3) as a tax-exempt organization.

Contributions to Pebble Hill Church are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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