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The PebbleTalk E-mail list is a great tool for us to share our thoughts and offer constructive dialog and feedback about issues of interest to the Pebble Hill community. This list is limited to Pebble Hill Church members only.


Please respect the sentiments and perspectives of all who may use this forum so we may practice holding each other in high regard; though we may disagree about issues. Anyone who is tempted to foment accusation, sarcasm or hurtful speech may be removed from the subscriber list by the administrators.

 If you are a Pebble Hill Church member and would like to join PebbleTalk:

1) Select this link:  PebbleTalk E-mail List


2) On the subscription page please include your name, your email address and a password, our List Moderator will approve you for active posting/receiving status. Please note that any subscription requests without a name will not be approved.


3) Please send plain text emails only to the lists.  In order to secure the list and in consideration of those of us with slower dial-up connections, we strip out attachments. Paste the plain text of any attachments right into the body of your email instead of sending it as an attachment.


4) PebbleTalk is for constructive discussion only, we ask you to respect this agreement by refraining from anything that may be harming to others. Public and/or private replies are certainly welcome in the spirit of spiritual and social inquiry and investigation.


5) If your email address changes, you may unsubscribe and re-subscribe your new address using this link: change subscription.


PebbleTalk is reserved for use by the Pebble Hill Church Members in order to contact other members for personal or church related matters. It may not be used, copied, or distributed for any commercial or political purpose; nor for solicitations of any kind not directly related to Pebble Hill Church Council-approved activity. No individual email address contained in this list may be copied and/or used separately from this list to contact any individual for any purpose that is prohibited under the commercial, political, or solicitation limitations described above unless the individual involved initiates an express written request to be contacted using their email address separate from the list serve mailing mechanism.








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