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Aug. 14 - Aug.21, 2016

Date                     What                               When                                      Bring


Aug. 14                Jules Thin Pizza   After  Celebration          Can Car Pool

Aug. 15                Coloring Nite       Pebble 7-8:30 PM          Bring coloring

                                                                                            Books & pencils

Aug. 16                Divination Nite    Pebble 7:00-8:30 PM       Divination cards

                                                                                           Tarot etc.

Aug. 17                Game Nite            Pebble 7:00-8:30 PM     Cards, Games to


Aug. 18                Sound Reiki          Pebble 7:00-8:30 PM     All are Welcome

Aug. 19                Movie Nite           County Theatre              Arrive @ 6:15

                                                          Doylestown                 To pick movie

Aug. 20                Rocky Wilson      Pebble 7:00-8:30 PM      Dress up, tie dye Shirt, Puppet 

                                                                                             Reading from Rocky’s  poetry book.           

Aug. 21                Altmontes Italian Restaurant                      After  Celebration

                             856 N. Easton Rd., Doylestown               Can Car Pool.

Questions Call Chloe 267-245-2405                                               






Home Camp Prayer

Dear God,

I am grateful

I am grateful

For my Life, my ability to love, my ability to pray.

I am happy for the opportunity to work and love.

Make me strong so that…

Make and allow me to be open and receptive to love.

Bless the innocent children and keep them safe.

Thank you for this beautiful day.

Thank you for this circle of human connection.

May we grow in kindness.

There is so much.

Thank you for the ability to seek peace to seek joy.

Falling… ability to pick me up again.

Thank you for loving and recognize me as I am now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

For divine intervention and acceptance.

Thank you for letting me be who I am and being non-judgmental with the angels.

For my family, friends and relatives and all their support.

May we bless the earth.

May all those who hunger be fed.

Whether with food, wafer, knowledge, patience and understanding.

Bless the less innocent children to, that we may all be blessed.



Home Camp Recipes


Rosalind Cauffman

Red Bell Pepper Soup

Red Bell Pepper soup broth

with sauted veggies in olive oil

potatoes, onions, carrots


Chloe's Raw Soup

Carrot Ginger Kream

2 carrots, 3 dates, 1/2 avacado

3 ginger slivers, 1 cup water, 1ounce virgin oilive oil

1/2 ounce of coconut aminos or soy sauce

Mix in food processor or blend in a blender

Makes 2 servings




Jan 21

50th Anniversary


Jan. 28

 School of Sacred Ministries -

The Interfaith Voice


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 The Common Holy









New Hope Metaphysical Society

Jeanne Elodie Workshop

Jan. 27, 2018

At 12:00 PM


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